What Comes To You Mind When You Think About God?





Holy is a beautiful word, that when spoken resonates with it’s meaning of being set apart, unique, unlike all others, a purity unlike anything experienced in the secular world. Only in our spiritual lives can we even begin to perceive the true and full meaning of Holy.

Discovering the attributes of God is an adventurous journey. One of my favorite attributes is the fact that God is Holy. A stop by Isaiah 40:25 reveals that there is none other like Him. God is unequal to any other being. He and He alone is the Holy One. God’s holiness is not found in what He does. It is who he is.

God’s holiness is spoken of throughout scripture. Studies of Leviticus 19:2; Psalms 47:8; Psalms 48:1; Isaiah 6:3 and Revelations 3:7 are but a few of the many verses in scripture that speak of God’s holiness. God’s holiness is the source from which all His other attributes flow – His eternal nature, His goodness and His Grace, as well as His many other attributes.

God’s holiness not only fuels His other attributes, but God’s holiness separates Him from sin. Because of His holiness, He is incapable of even the slightest hint of untruth, injustice, impurity, or questionable use of power. Therefore, His holiness also emphasizes His stark contrast to the sinfulness of humanity who have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Each of us know good and righteous people who strive to avoid sin. We have watched great spiritual men of God, such as Billy Graham, and look up to them as our spiritual leaders. We honor Christian women who have lived their lives seeking to Christ-like. Ruth Graham and Beth Moore leap to mind. Yet in comparison to the Holiness of God, all of us, including these great spiritual leaders, do not compare to the Holy One – God.


Who will not fear, O Lord,
and glorify your name?
 For you alone are holy
All nations will come and worship before you,
 for your righteous deeds have been revealed.

Revelations 15:4 (NLT)


Lord, I am humbled and awed by your Holiness. It is difficult for my human mind to truly grasp the purity of You. Give each of us greater insight into the fullness of Your Holiness. Give each of us a growing desire to know You more intimately with each passing day.

In Jesus Name,