The Moments of Life are Sweet

This morning I wrote about time and how God cares about each moment of our day. He has our times in His hands and will organize the moments of our days when we let Him do so.

Now as evening draws nigh, I reflect on some of the moments of this day.

  • A nice, long phone call and visit with ‘my brother’. Oh how I have missed him. It was so good to hear his voice, his laugh and to wish him a Happy Birthday.
  • A lovely spring morning walk with a cool breeze brought a friendly conversation with a neighbor that I had not met before. A delightful woman named Joanie.
  • A dreaded doctor visit with another neighbor brings remarkable news. The moment she shared with me that the biopsies confirmed that the doctors were wrong was a priceless moment spent with a squeal of thanksgiving to My Lord. There are NO SIGNS OF MELANOMA in her bones!!! Although there are abnormalities and more tests are needed, there is no melanoma. Praise the Lord!! The doctors were shocked by this fact. They were so sure her melanoma had spread that they had given her only a year to live. But God knows better!
  • Moments shared in celebration and thanksgiving over Chinese food and a good visit with this neighbor.
  • A prayer of thanksgiving and continued healing prayed out loud while hugging the neck of this neighbor who is not a Christian. Yet she quietly sat there listening as I prayed out loud. May seeds of Christ be sown in her life.
  • And now my sweet Shih Tzu is sound asleep in my lap as I type.

The moments of life are sweet and priceless when I place my moments in God’s hands.


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