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Serve Him in the Waiting

$542 Million in taxpayer funding to murder innocent babies in their FIRST sancutary, the mother’s womb in 2012.

$500 Million in taxpayer funding, illegally allocated by an illegal alien in the White House to illegally violate the Constitutional rights of American citizens, shamelessly exploiting and politicising the tragic deaths of six adults and 20 six-year-olds  in their “second sanctuary” to further their agenda on the completely false and fabricated premise (pretense) that even a single one of Obama’s illegal “23 measures” would have changed the outcome of the Sandy Hook Massacre even one iota.  (Joe and Barry’s laughable “pity faces” notwithstanding)

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin!
Woe to them that put darkness for light, and light for darkness!

I was at Wal Mart today.  Trust me, they are still planning to restock the ammo shelves, which are all but bare at the moment.  This president is picking a fight.  He is baiting the freedom-loving patriots who know…

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