Christopher C. Randolph

The internet is an interesting place.  There’s an incomprehensible amount of information available to those inclined to investigate their interests.  Such investigations quickly become dangerous when they begin and end in the world-wide-web.  The internet is a tool and not an end.  I remember the buzz as it started up and began spreading out over the world.  It was to the mechanism for the dissemination of information for the betterment of civilization.  I believe it is that even though one must wade through much muck and mire to discern the facts for which one is searching/surfing. The diligent browser of the web mus remember that the internet is the means not an end.  Even blogs ought to serve a purpose beyond themselves.

For instance, reading between the lines among a variety of articles and news sources recently, I was reminded of something I had read in the Bible.  It was…

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