A Safe and Warm Refuge

I am currently in a precepts Bible Study. We are studying the wonderful boon of James. As I was reading this morning I came across these words. They spoke to me with as a challenge for me to create a “safe and warm refuge “. Can you imagine what our world would be like if All followers of Christ Our LORD created a “safe and warm refuge ” for others?

Positive, encouraging communication is very powerful. You shape and form people and situations with your words. When you show gentleness and love in your conversations with family and friends, you demonstrate that they are important and that they are loved. The result is that your conversation helps to protect them in a cruel and harsh world. Just by offering gentle conversation you can be a refuge to them. How pleased would God be if everyone He placed in your life thought of you as a safe and warm refuge simply because of the way you communicated with them? Jesus said the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love others (Mark 12:29-31). Expressing our love to God includes using our voices in singing, worship, and prayer. Expressing love to people also involves using our voices. Our communication should build up, strengthen, and encourage, not put down and criticize.

Excerpt from God’s Love Alive in You, Kay Arthur and David Lawson


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