A Changing Nation

In 1776 our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence establishing the United States as a free country. Christian principles and values are woven all throughout the early history of our great nation – one nation under God.

In recent years we have witnessed God and prayer being taken out of our schools, observed movements to remove “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance and a failure to print “In God we Trust” on certain new coins. Although the United States of America is still called a Christian nation, we see few outspoken Christians in our government, few in leadership roles, or few taking active roles in defining the future of our laws or our values.

The values and principles of American citizens might change over time; however the God of our ancestors has not changed. He is the same God that guided these great men who had the courage and vision for establishing the United States of America on freedom principles. God is an immutable God. He is “not capable of or susceptible to change”.  God’s directives about sin are the same today as his directives were in the Garden of Eden or in 1776. His love for us is as strong and real today as it was the day He gave His Son to die for our sins on the Cross. He has never been less than He is nor will He ever be more than he is. He is the same always. God is immutable. 


 For I am the Lord, I do not change;

Malachi 3:6a


Father, I pray for our great country and I thank you for the men and women who serve our nation by serving in our military. I ask that you protect them as they fight to keep up our freedom. Lord, I pray that as Christians we will be a loud voice who will speak out, who will vote and who will fight to return Christian values to our nation. I pray for our government leaders. May they be sensitive to the principles that are the foundation of our freedom and may they have the courage to speak out against any movement that moves us away from those Godly values. Protect our nation, O God.

In Jesus Name,



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