5/30/12 – Hearts

This morning as I sit here in my quiet time I am quiet and humble before God. I want to slow this day down on the one hand and fast forward it on the other. Today at 11:30 am CDT someone very dear to me will be going through open heart surgery for a quadruple. bypass. As I pray over him asking God to guide the hands of His angel (the surgeon) I am once again humbled at just how fragile life is. But just as the surgeon will cradle this broken heart in need of repair in his hands, skillfully making repairs that will clear away blockages so it is in our lives when we surrender our hearts to Jesus. Jesus loving cradles our heart in his powerful hands and gently, and sometimes not so gently, removes spiritual blockages and sanctifies us freeing the flow of The Holy Spirit in our lives.

This morning I am praising God for skillful heart surgeons who can repair our physical hearts and for Jesus who holds our hearts – even when a surgeon is holding it in his hands.

Lord, this is the 2nd time that someone very dear to me has faced open heart surgery. Watch over my loved one, grant him peace and healing. And comfort each of us and calm our fears as we wait.
In Jesus Name


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