5/20/2012 — This Weekend’s Joys

What a wonderful weekend!

Our 12-year-old granddaughter and our 9-year-old grandson spent the weekend with us while my daughter and son-in-law went on a weekend get-away.  My 35-year-old son and his girlfriend and her 7-year-old little girl also came for this weekend.  This was the first time that he has brought home a girlfriend so this mom knows without a doubt the she is a special person.

Friday evening was filled mainly with everyone just getting acquainted, however, Saturday was an awesome day!  After a leisurely waffle breakfast and several cups of coffee, we started our day.  Son and his girlfriend went to meet his dad for lunch but the beautiful 7-year-old decided she wanted to stay with “the other kids”.  So we sent the adults on their way, and Granddad, Nana and 3 kiddos head out to Wendys‘ for burgers and spicky chicken sandwiches.  After lots of laughter and silly pictures (we did eat our lunch also) we all agreed that we needed dessert so we headed to Maggie Moo’s for ice cream!!!

More laughter and fun sharing while Granddad had his favorite hot fudge sundae, the 12-year-old turned her teeth and mouth blue with Cotton Candy ice cream, the 7-year-old turned her teeth and mouth yellow with Very Yellow Marshmellow ice cream, the 9-year-old grandson mixes Cinnamon Ice Cream and Big Red Float into his on special concoction and Nana simply had Mexican Vanilla.  Oh we were full — of burgers, ice cream and family love.

Now off to the park — disappointed moans from the backseat as Nana and Granddad decide the park is too0ooooooo crowded to try to keep up with these 3 so home we go.  In a little while the moans changed to laughter as the hulla hoops, blowing bubbles, balls and then the slip and slide and yard sprinklers cooled them from the Texas heat.  We rounded out the afternoon with a make-believe tea party just for the girls.  🙂 Dinner  brought grilled chicken, steak, and other goodies and more laughter as the two older children teased granddad about his “inner age” — the 12-year-old captured all our attention when she lovingly told her granddad that his inner self was like a 10-year-old!!  Then the 9-year-old said I think granddad’s inner self is like a 100-year-old!  We all roared with laughter for we all know that the 12-year-old is closer to being right. 🙂

Old cartoon CDs on Nana’s laptop, Nana’s Kindle Fire loaded with games, card games rounded out the day.  Baths, prayers and then their little tired bodies fall into a peaceful sleep.

This morning the little 7-year-old was the first one up.  When I found her sitting on the sofa, I gave her a morning hug and she told me that she when to see if the other two kids were up but only one of them was in their room.  Ummm  that seemed strange since I knew neither of them had been up.  But thought I had better check anyway.  Found my grandson totally covered in the bedsheet and laying on his side. He is so thin that the sheet just looked like it was bundled up.

While I was cooking breakfast, our little 7-year-old guest walked up to me and asked if she could please help by setting the table. 🙂 Her mom, who has been a single parent all of this little girl’s  life, is obviously doing a great job in raising this precious little lady.

Off to church — wonder if it was just coincidental that the pastor’s sermon was on marriage this morning. 🙂  Then home to Nana’s again to have “Clean out the Fridge” for lunch.  Nana didn’t get her cookies made yesterday and seems that one of my grandchildren, my son and our little 7-year-old were very disappointed by that fact. So being the “good Nana” I started cookies immediately after dishes were cleaned.

They couldn’t agree on what kind of cookies, so I made my Mom’s Monster Cookies — that seemed to satisfy the one that wanted peanut butter cookies since there was peanut butter in them; the one who wanted chocolate chip cookies since they were loaded with chocolate chips and the one who wanted soft oaftmeal raisin cookies since there was oatmeal instead of flour in these cookies.  The 7-year-old had a blast helping me mix them up.  She was so cute as we added each ingredient.  While they were baking she asked me if she could take some home to her teacher.  So sweet — both her thoughtfulness and my kiddos enjoying warm cookies!

As the afternoon came to a close and I am helping them all get their things together — we have 5 little bags of cookies — headed out with them 🙂 and the 7-year-old also wanted her orange juice.  So since they were traveling over an hour home — I got an insulated bag and headed to the kitchen to put in some ice to keep the orange juice fresh and this precious little girl looks up at me and says, “I wish I could put you in that bag and take you home with me.”

God, thank you for the blessings of this weekend — a loving husband, a special son, his lovely girlfriend, my grandchildren, a special weekend trip for my daughter & son-in-law and a precious little 7-year-old girl who wanted to put me in a bag and take me home with her.  I am blessed!!!

God is Good!  ALL the time, God is Good!


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