5/17/2012 — Today’s Blessing

Oh what a glorious day!!!!

The words of the song Glorious Day flow through my mind —

One day my Lord is coming and it will be a GLORIOUS DAY!!!

Although, the Lord didn’t come back today HE was very much present in this day — the day Casey came home!

In January 2012, I saw a newspaper article in our local newspaper about a young woman who lives in this area. She was a 15 yr old, high school tennis team paper, who had non-malignant brain tumor surgery for a tumor at the base of her brain near the brain stem.  The first surgery on December 6th was successful, however, complications developed and surgeons performed a 2nd surgery on December 13th which resulted in brain tissue and brain stem damage. The doctors told her family that she would be paralyzed from the next down with little hope of recovery. However, Casey soon proved them wrong — she was moving a big toe and a finger and learned to communicate with her family that way.

When I saw this new article, which provided a link to a Facebook site asking for prayers and support, I had to join (not usual for me). My pull on my heart and on my spiritual gift for intercessory prayer was so strong that I began to pray for this young woman’s recovery every day since early January.

Over the months, we watched her regain feeling on her right side, regain movement of her right side, limited movement of left leg, the use of her vocal chords, begin to eat solid foods, and so much more. Through her Facebook support group over 2000 people came together to support her and her family. In March I was privileged to meet her family and 2 of the other Facebook prayer warriors at a local fund-raiser. One of those friends lived clear across the US and fly here to meet Casey and be a part of the fund-raiser.  Since that time, her family and I have become friends and are in contact almost daily.

I made a 4 hr trip to see her in the rehabilitation center a couple of weeks ago to spend the day talking, sharing and laughing with her, her dad, and an aunt. I was able to cheer her on during her therapy session, to pray with her and to just love on her. She knew who I was when I arrived because her family had talked to her about me for several weeks. When I entered her room that morning, she said “I love you”. Tears filled my eyes.

Today, this young woman who has spent 157 days in the hospital and celebrated her 16th birthday in the hospital, came home today!!!  As they passed through the city where I live and work, they stopped so that I could talk with Casey and welcome her home.  She was so excited and overjoyed! What a blessing to witness this Homecoming event.

So the Lord didn’t come today, BUT I did witness HIM — His healing grace, His love enveloping Casey and her family and they’re including me in this private, family occasion. I can feel God at work in Casey’s life and in the life of her family members. It is a JOY to behold!

The Answered Prayer

John 14:12-13

 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”


Please pray with me if you will for this beautiful young woman. Pray first for her spiritual healing – she believes that God is caring for her but she has yet to form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Also pray for her family. And pray for her continued physical healing. God is a mighty God — a BIG God — and I have asked that Casey be able to play tennis once again if it be His Will.

Oh it has been a glorious day!!!  Casey is home!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!


To read more about Casey or to join her prayer team, check out Helping Casey Casilhas on Facebook.


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