5/13/2012 – A Mother’s Full Heart

This Mother’s Day has been one of the best that I have experienced since I became a mother some 39 years ago. God has richly blessed me with treasures more priceless than diamonds and rubies. 🙂

Several weeks ago my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  I told him I just wanted family around me. Although, I wanted my children and step-children here, I really wanted my sisters as well.  We lost our mom 12 years ago and our dad 6 years ago. We have always been close and live less than 30 miles apart. However, due to the business of our lives, we rarely see each other these days.

So we scheduled a Burgers & Dogs Potluck for yesterday and invited by 2 younger sisters, their families and our children and grandchildren as well as my former husband and former mother-in-law.  By 11:30 am, they began to arrive — first my “baby” sister (4 years younger than me), her husband, and a surprise — her 8-year-old granddaughter was with her!!!  An unexpected surprise and a genuine blessing.

Then others began to arrive — my first husband of 25 years and his 96 yr old Mom. He is the father of my children and although, we divorced over 12 years, it is our wish to keep up a peaceful relationship so that our children and grandchildren are not torn between us.  My ‘mamacita’ as I call her, is a true blessing in my life. He son is an only child and she adopted me as her daughter in 1971. My divorce and re-marriage has not changed that and she has accepted my husband as her 2nd son and loves me dearly.  Another genuine blessing to have a peaceful relationship with the father of my children and to have this beautiful, petite Puerto Rican woman as my ‘Mom’.

My middle sister and her significant other arrived also and soon my step-son and 5 yr old grandson and 2-year-old granddaughter were here with lots of hugs and kisses for Nana as well as some beautiful flowers.  My daughter-in-law already had plans for yesterday and was unable to come over.  What a blessing this family is — part of God’s restoration of my life.

My daughter and son-in-law and my 12 yr old granddaughter and 9-year-old grandson arrive with more hugs and kisses and a beautiful picture album embroidered with Nana’s Blessings on the front.  Four more treasured blessings.

My nephew and his wife of 1 year arrive. He has been another son all of his life, as he and my son are the same age and have been best buds all their life. So wonderful to have them with us – a blessing to share with them and to share with her about her lovely mom who passed away just a few short months ago.

There’s plenty of food and all eat until they are stuffed. The doorbell rings and there is my nieces’ husband and my 13 yr old great-niece!!!  A complete and wonderful surprise.

Flowers arrived from my oldest step-son — beautiful purple fresh flowers and my husband presents me with an amethyst and diamond, cross ring engraved on the inside “with God, all things are possible”.  Then a phone call with my oldest step-son.  I am blessed.

Hours of sharing, watching young ones play and enjoy each other, laughter and love filled my day — oh I am blessed.

They are all gone by 8 pm but our step-son, the 5 yr old and the 2 yr old. Off to bed and all sleep peacefully.

This morning there were loving snuggles, delicious waffles, more hugs and kisses and grandkids snuggling in Nana’s lap. They present me with a beautiful card that the 5 yr old wrote their names on and drew me 4 hearts — one from each of them.  Oh I am so blessed.  Kiddos secured in their car seats then they head off to go home to mom.

Early afternoon my son calls to tell me he loves me and near the end of the conversation, after telling me that he and his girlfriend will see us next weekend, he says “Mom, you know you always say that you didn’t do enough when you were raising us — but you did. It just took me a long time to understand it all. I love you mom. I love you very much.”  He is 35, has struggled to get his life straight – God has heard my prayers.  Oh God is so good!!! I am SO BLESED.

Thank you Lord for the blessings of being a mother and a grandmother and Lord, please tell my mom that I love and miss her.

Mother’s Day 2012


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