A mother is one who gives birth to or who raises children. A mother has a powerful influence over her young childrens’ development. Many times she may not realize just how powerful her influence is until her children are adults and she hears her own words or sees her own actions being reflected back to her through the words and the actions of her adult child.

Being a mother is a high-calling and an all-consuming task. Sometimes in the midst of raising children, motherhood may seem like a never-ending task filled with daily challenges and few rewards.  Mothers must juggle the care of their children, with the care for their homes and their husbands. Often times they are also juggling higher education classes and/or a job as well as their church related activities.

Mothers nurture their children, dividing their time among each child, yet still maintaining an enduring love for each child that holds faithful and true even in the most difficult of circumstances. A mother’s love is so strong that even a rebellious child cannot cause the love to lessen. A mother may not like or approve of the actions of her child, but her love for her child will not wane. Her love is there even though it may go unexpressed or may be expressed in ways that may not be perceived as loving by her children.

A mother will easily sacrifice for her children. Her ability to let go, without hesitation, of her own life or needs for the sake of her child, serves as a reminder to her of the size of God’s love for her. It is through this understanding of God’s unconditional, sacrificial love that a mother is able to work through the suffering side of motherhood, to focus on the joys and the rewards of being the thankful mother of the child that God has so thoughtfully given to her.

As an older mother, I think of the mothers who have so touched my life – my own mother who sacrificed her dreams of becoming a nurse to become a full-time mom, who skillfully made all my clothing until I was in high school, who cleaned and cooked three meals every day, and somehow always managed to stretch the few dollars that my father earned. Until her death twelve years ago, she was always readily available to help me or my sisters with wise counsel, answers to life’s questions, or just simply being there for whatever the need may have been.

I also recall my maternal grandmother who never judged or criticized me no matter what I shared with her; My paternal grandmother for her love of family and her example of amazing strength even in the midst of difficult times and suffering; A mother-in-law who has always loved me as her own daughter even after a divorce from her son; Several aunts and great-aunts who have been my 2nd mom, my mentor, or my encourager on many occasions; and My spiritual moms who have extended love, grace and mercy to me as they have discipled me in my spiritual walk. Much of whom I am today, I owe to these awesome women who have extended their love and prayers to me.

I have the honor also of watching my daughter become an awesome mom as she & our son-in-law sacrifice to allow her to be a stay at home mom who home schools her two children. What a delight to watch her grow and to see the fine Christian woman she has become. And, my daughter-in-law who works and still has time for her children and husband.

As I think of my role as a mother, my eyes fill with tears of joy. Years that passed too quickly filled with good times, difficult times and times of just trying to juggle the responsibilities of being a wife, mother and an employee pass through my thoughts. It is my hope that as their Mom I accomplished at least some of what God desired me to do when he entrusted them to me.

It is my hope as we near this Mother’s Day, that  you will take time to remember those women who have made a difference in your life. If possible, let them know what they have meant to you. If, like my Mom and grandmothers, they have gone on to be with the Lord, then spend a few minutes reflecting and praising God for their influence on your life. Share their memory with someone as a means of honoring them.

If you are fortunate to be a mother yourself, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and many moments of pure joy as you praise God for how He has worked in your life through His gift of your child and of motherhood to you.

Her children rise up and call her blessed;

Her husband also, and he praises her;

Proverbs 31:28




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