5/9/1921 — Today’s Blessing

Why would I think that May 9, 1921 would be a blessing today, May 9th, 2012?

Well, today would have been my dad’s 91st birthday.

He was a simple man, a strong man, a blue collar worker who loved his wife and 3 girls. Was he perfect – absolutely not. Did he have his issues — absolutely. He spent many of his years as an alcoholic who spent way too much time at the local bar drinking beer.  However, he loved us all very much and did his best to provide for us. In the mid 1970’s he threw down his cigarettes and his beer and we began to know who he really was. As his oldest child, I loved him dearly.

So why is today a blessed day?  Because I had many memories and thoughts of my dad today. Thoughts from my childhood to the moment of his death when I held his head in my arms.

I am blessed to have known him and to love him still.

Good night Daddy. I know that you have had a wonderful birthday singing with the angels


2 thoughts on “5/9/1921 — Today’s Blessing

  1. I am behind in my blog reading and I was about to skip over this post. I am so glad that I read it.

    My father was a contractor/carpenter. By his example, he taught me the meaning of an honest days work, he taught me what it means to truly love, and so much more.

    My father too was an alcoholic, and that left some scars in my life, to be sure. But he died in 1988 and those scars have long since healed. What is left is the memory of an honest man who loved his wife, his children, and his grandchildren beyond measure.

    I thank the Lord that I was fortunate enough to be his son.

    Thanks so much for posting this and for affording me the opportunity to share. God bless!

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