A Time to Share


Have you ever found yourself laying face down on the floor, sobbing to Jesus because your heart hurts — literally hurts, aches because the burden you feel for an issue, a person is so great? Sobbing your prayers to Jesus with all focus on His Will for the person or issue that has you prone before the Lord. Kneeling is not enough, you must lay at His feet, acknowledging his Majesty and Glory – totally humble before him — fully ‘souled’ out in prayer.  Jesus has brought me to this place many times in my Christian walk.

As I write this, the many times I have found myself at the throne of Jesus either on my knees or prone on the floor are flashing through my mind. The answers follow —

  • a son saved from harming another or being hurt himself in the wee hours one morning in 2002 as I sobbed Psalms 91 – God brough him home safely to me within the hour;
  • a reconciled relationship with a son-in-law that I love as my child – only to receive a beautifully worded birthday card from him and to be able to hold him as he sobbed on that very day that my prayers culminated in sobs for God’s Will in this young man’s life;
  • a step-son who is alive & well after an overwhelming want to commit suicide;
  • a husband who now knows what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit and is now the spiritual leader of our family;
  • a nephew who is alive after being near death in ICU;
  • a beautiful 16-year-old girl named Casey who spoke the words “I love you daddy” earlier this week, who is able to stand for a few seconds, who can move her hands and lower arms after doctors said she never would;

Do you have a special answered prayer(s) that you would like to share?  I would love to hear. Nothing is more exciting than hearing how Christ is working in his children’s lives

Have blessed Saturday and I look forward to reading about Christ’s answered prayers in your life. 🙂

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