Cast Your Cares on Him

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:6-7

The first time I recall really reading these verses was ten years ago in March of 2002. I was struggling with many burdens during this time in my life and had shared some of my struggles with a Christian friend. On Saturday morning, March 23, 2002 this friend emailed me that in their quiet time that morning they had read 1 Peter 5:6-7 and felt that these words might bring me comfort. I quickly read the verses, but I gave them only superficial thought. My daughter and I were on our way to a women’s retreat at my local church and were in a hurry.

Later that morning as we sat listening to Beth Moore, the guest speaker, I was stunned to see these words in large, bold letters on the huge projection screen in front of us–



1 Peter 5:6-7.

God, definitely had my undivided attention. Twice in one morning, He had put these verses in front of me. I was certain that this was not a coincident. It was a loud and clear message to my spirit.

Over the last ten years as I have grown in my Christian walk, I have come to cherish these verses. The Greek word,Epirrhipto, which is translated as ‘cast’ means to“to throw upon, place upon”. At first when I thought about throwing my cares upon Jesus, I envisioned Him walking to Calvary carrying The Cross and crowds throwing stones at Him. I did not like the idea of throwing anything upon Jesus but as I continued to study I soon realized that Jesus really does love me enough to have me throw or place my cares and burdens upon Him. He was willing to carry the Cross on my behalf and to die for my sins. If He was willing to give His life for me, then He would certainly be willing to help me with my problems.

Before Jesus can help me with my problems, I must be willing to let go of them. Jesus cannot carry my cares when I continue to hang on to them. I must be willing to lay aside my pride and my sense of control. I must be willing to let go totally, placing my cares fully on Jesus, and trusting Him to lead me to their resolution when and where appropriate. I must trust Him totally for an outcome that is in my best interest. When I am willing to humble myself before Him, letting go and giving everything to Jesus, He is then able to show me how much He cares for me.

And care for me He does! 🙂


 Father, each of us has struggles and cares in our lives. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the difficult moments, yet we can find JOY in those difficult times when we are humble before You, placing our cares on You. In Your perfect time you will exalt us.
We praise you Oh Lord that you care of us!

In Jesus’ Name



6 thoughts on “Cast Your Cares on Him

  1. Amen! I wonder, at least for me, why it is so difficult to do something so easy….? Like a rock climber about to fall to certain death….

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