Written by a sweet lady who loves the Lord! She is an inspiration. I just had to share.

My Life Uncut...Almost

I know there are those who think that believing in God is belief in fairy tales…not having a good grasp on reality. 🙂  It’s okay.  But I am perfectly content living in my ‘fantasy world’.  If I were to suddenly wake up and realize it was all some fantastic dream, then I’d have to be faced with the trials, disappointments, heartaches and downright tragedies of life with no hope…nothing to look forward to…no miracles to believe in.

But…it isn’t fantasy.  That I do know.  I also know that I can’t convince a person who is determined to believe that this God I believe in is an impossibility…goes against logic…that faith defies reason…I can’t convince them that I’m not some kind of lunatic.  So I just smile…truly smile.  And I pray that the ‘light bulb’ moment will happen for those people.  Because I truly do care about that.  But I just…

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