Quiet – A Blessed Gift

Quiet is a blessed gift. We must cherish every moment of it, and carve it out for ourselves every chance we get.
Anne Ortlund


2 thoughts on “Quiet – A Blessed Gift

  1. Amen! “Silence is to the mind as sleep is to the body”-(William Penn) Yet many people in this day seem almost afraid of silence. God tells us to be still an know that I am God. I believe being silent and still is a necessary disciipline for peace. Peace is a little like a butterfly in that it’s not going to light on you until you get still.

    • I agree completely. I definitely need my quiet time and the quiet time that I spent with God is the very best. There is nothing like being in total silence. I think your comment about peace being a little like a butterfly. Great analogy.

      Have a good evening.

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